Happy Valley is an intimate, strange and quirky family diary chronicling, through portraits and unscripted moments, the everyday lives and relationships of typical middle-class white kids (my nieces and nephews) over several years as they come of age in the ever-changing but sheltered milieu of contemporary suburban America (in Utah/Colorado).

Being brought up an average, middle-class kid like my nieces and nephews, we share the same history of a seemingly normal, modestly privileged suburban life. But our story differs drastically from our grandparent’s and great-grandparent’s, which was marred by suicide, alcoholism, lack of education, mental illness, poverty, and divorce. Happy Valley embraces this rich history and links the complex narratives of disparate generations with a personal, revealing look at my family’s youngest members.

Picture of Blonde Teen Girl Doing Splits on Bench at Roller Skating Rink UtahPicture of Girls Eating Lunch on PorchIntimate Picture of Teenage Brothers Laying on Each Other Waking Up on Bed UtahFunny Picture of Young Boy Urinating Alone in Urinal at Pool Bathroom UtahCute Picture of Small Girl Crimping Eyelashes in Mirror Putting on Make-upPicture of Small Girl Fallen Down Playing in Deep Snow After Winter Storm UtahPicture of Teen Boy in Red Hoodie Standing Alone in Park Baseball Field UtahFunny Picture of Small Girl in Underwear & Floaties as Mother Breastfeeds on PhonePicture of Small Girl Pouting Crouched in Middle of Street by Mountains UtahPicture of Angry Blonde Girl Screaming as Mother Talks on Phone in Backyard UtahPicture of Sad Girl Sitting Alone in Tree At Sunset in Autumn UtahPicture of Semi-Nude Boys in Superman Underwear Hugging Outside By Bikes UtahFunny Picture of Pink Balloon Covering Girl's Face Standing in Messy Bedroom DenverPicture of Teenage Boys Sleeping on Grass After Eating Pizza For Lunch UtahPicture of Mad Teen Girl in Swimsuit Head Covered by Towel on Swing At LakehousePicture of Cute Blonde Girl in Pink Dress Lying Alone on Bed in Sunset Light UtahPicture of Group of Bored Teen Boys Sitting on Slide at Park Playground at Sunset UtahDramatic Picture of Boy Holding up Toy Sword in Bright Window Light UtahPicture of Blonde Girl Riding a New Bicycle & Birthday Gift in Family's Kitchen UtahScenic Picture of Group of Kids Standing Atop a Hill Overlooking Utah Valley Happy Valley