Awhile back, I photographed a business portrait of sibling tech team Brendan and Ashley Eapen in New York City. One of the portraits from our session accompanied an article in Forbes magazine about the young tech entrepreneurs and their quest to secure investor funding for their fashion shopping app. Take a look at other business portraits here.

From the article by tech writer Matt Hunckler:

“For many young founders, youth works against them. Seasoned investors want to work with entrepreneurs who have started and sold numerous businesses. Entrepreneurs who have been in the startup trenches. Entrepreneurs who know how to ride out the troughs and crests of the entrepreneurial journey. Young founders often find it difficult to secure funding.

This harsh reality makes the success of young Brendan and Ashley Eapen all the more surprising. The entrepreneurial duo recently made news by raising $250,000 to fund their new app In/Spree, which makes it possible for users to follow their favorite fashion influencers and then purchase clothes directly within the app.”

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