I recently had the pleasure of meeting and making portraits of Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian at his Brooklyn home in New York City. As you can see from the portraits, he really loves his cat Karma. Below is from the Financial Times piece about him. Read more here.

Alexis Ohanian on founding Reddit and future start-ups
By Christopher Kompanek

The late afternoon sun floods into Alexis Ohanian’s Brooklyn Heights loft apartment through massive windows facing west out to where the East and Hudson rivers merge. The Statue of Liberty is to the south and the skyline of lower Manhattan, with the towering new World Trade Center construction, to the north.

“I have a bit of a crush on the Statue of Liberty . . . I look at that every day and keep in perspective – coming from a family of immigrants – everything they went through to give me the good fortune I’ve had,” says Ohanian, who co-founded the popular aggregator website Reddit in 2005, which Condé Nast acquired in 2006.