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Casual Business Headshots for NYC Animation Studio V-Armed-New HeadCasual Business Headshots for NYC Animation Studio V-Armed-New Head

Casual Business Headshots for V-Armed

V-Armed is a fast-growing New York City gaming and animation studio with a midtown Manhattan office. We photographed…

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Pro Corporate Headshot for New York City Educators Tutors on Wheels-7

Headshots For Small Business Tutors on Wheels

It’s true, even New York City educators need pro corporate headshots to be compete in today’s education…

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Fun team portraits of NYC creative marketing agency walking on streets of lower Manhattan

Fun Headshots for NYC Marketing Agency

Manifest NYC is the US branch of Manifest, a London-based marketing agency. They agency needed some fun, new corporate…

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Super Broker Real Estate Headshots

New York real estate broker Alex Mahgoub (the Super Broker) was after creative business headshots and portrait…

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Headshot Photography New York | Traditional executive headshots for international finance firm Fiera Capital BG

Executive Headshots for Investment Firm Fiera Capital Midtown NYC

Fiera Capital, a Canadian-based international finance and investment firm, hired me to shoot a series of executive…

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Business Headshots Photography | Modern headshots of fashion startup Inspree app NYC BG

Portraits of Fashion Startup Inspree

Ashley Eapen and Brendan Eapen, creators of fashion startup Inspree App, are two young tech entrepreneurs who needed…

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Corporate Headshots NYC | Modern business headshots for global corporate restructuring firm A&M BG

Modern Corporate Headshots for A&M

Over several months, I photographed a series of corporate headshots for global management consulting firm Alvarez &…

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Corporate Headshots Photography NYC | Business portraits of New York tech startup mParticle BG2

Headshots for Tech Startup mParticle

mParticle is a New York tech startup ran by brothers Andrew and Michael Katz. mParticle was in the midst of a…

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Headshots Photographer NYC Professional business portraits in New York's Soho for fashion industry recruiter BG

Business Portraits in Soho

Melanie is a former client of mine who came back looking for new professional business portraits. She works in the…

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