An At Home feature I shot of literary agent Ed Victor for the Financial Times at his property called Two Barns in Bridgehampton (story here). From the story:

At home: Ed Victor
By Shannon Bond

The literary agent’s summer house in the Hamptons embodies his penchant for mixing business and leisure

Ed Victor is on the telephone when I arrive, a characteristic pose for the literary agent who works and plays with a vitality that belies his 72 years.

“I’m up early, I’m on the phone, and then I work, work, work,” he says of a typical day at Two Barns, the vacation house on Long Island where he spends the summer with his wife, Carol Ryan.

“Vacation house” may be a bit of a misnomer for a place that serves as an outpost of Victor’s London office. Still, he describes it as “our dream home” and enthuses about its design. “It still thrills me,” he says. “I never, ever get tired of looking at these beams.”